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Instant text translation for your messages

Strengthen your new connections across the globe with real-time, accurate text message translation from Palaver – the most advanced language translation tool.

Download Palaver and Enjoy Text Translate Now!

Download Palaver and Enjoy Text Translate Now!
Instant text translation for your messages
Instantly translated text messaging makes Google Translate a thing of the past

Instantly translated text messaging

The little interactions that develop – eg from sending a quick message to friends and family - can strengthen and cement long-lasting relationships.

Wherever you are – and whichever language you prefer to communicate in – use Palaver to instantly translate your text messages, so you communicate regularly, with ease, anywhere in the world.

To enjoy text translate, simply type in your message and send

With Palaver’s text translate tool, simply pick up the app, type and send. You send your message in your primary language, and Palaver ensures your message is instantly and accurately translated into your contact’s primary language*, smoothing your interaction.

* Palaver currently supports 30 languages. 

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The free text translation app to message quickly and conveniently, in whichever language you choose

With over 30 different languages and counting to choose from, with Palaver you can enjoy live text translation with clarity and confidence, no matter where you are in the world.

We’re always improving the accuracy of our text translate feature, so we can precisely translate the meaning of common phrases, metaphors or idioms in your texts – ensuring your true meaning is retained in every message.

All you need do is download our free text translation app, ask your friends, family or colleagues to do the same, make connections, type and send. We’ll ensure your message is sent instantly, translated into your contact’s primary language.

Don’t let language barriers get in the way of close family connections or long-lasting friendships. Use Palaver to communicate freely and easily.

Communicate and connect across the global village

Wherever you are in the world, maintain connections and strengthen new relationships with Palaver.

The free text translation app to message quickly and conveniently, in whichever language you choose
Palaver instant text message language translator

Communicate without borders with Palaver’s instant voice translation

Take a look below to see how our instant text translation feature works to translate your conversations, in real-time, across different languages.

Instantly translated phone calls

Live translate your audio calls with Palaver’s talk translate tool. Simply select your primary language, add your contacts, pick up the app and dial – Palaver takes care of the rest.

Instantly translated messaging

Enjoy instant messaging, in real-time, with Palaver’s text translate tool. All you have to do is type the message in your primary language and hit ‘send’, Palaver translates it before it arrives with your contact.

Instantly translated images

Translate a menu, sign or guide with ease with Palaver’s image translate tool. Simply take or upload a photo, Palaver detects the language and translates it into your preferred language.

Need translations on demand?

The world's most handy pocket translator for when you need it most

As well as instantly translating your phone call and text message conversations, Palaver also translates on demand.  Cool hey?

Simply choose the language you want to translate to or from and Palaver does the rest. Translation on demand is a speech-to-speech, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and text-to-text instant translation resource. You can also improve your understanding of another language* by using this feature on your own or with friends.

* Palaver currently supports 30 languages

translations on demand with the pocket translator from palaver