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Translating languages while traveling the world

Translating languages while traveling the world

It’s an age-old debate – how do we understand and communicate with others when we don’t speak the same language? When traveling the world, this comes into sharp focus.

Whether you’re visiting a local market, ordering at a restaurant or asking for directions, being able to communicate effectively while traveling overseas is key to getting the outcomes we need. The ability to communicate also helps to ensure you’re fully immersing yourself in the experience, getting to know different cultures on a deeper, more meaningful level.

But when you’re visiting 10 different countries in the space of three months, you often don’t have the time or headspace to learn more than basic greetings and transactional language for each.

Creating a reluctance to travel

Reports suggest 10% of adults actually avoid travelling altogether due to language barriers, a percentage that rises to 15% for young people aged between 18 and 24 – the most common time in our lives we’d take the plunge and set foot around the world.

With embarrassment and frustration being the most common emotions experienced when trying to speak local languages abroad, it’s no wonder people want to alleviate the stress altogether from what‘s intended to be a relaxing time away.

This is highlighting the need for an alternative approach to overcoming language barriers while travelling – so people aren’t missing out on incredible life and cultural experiences.

Your new travel translation app – FREE to download

Palaver – your new travel translation app – is designed to build confidence and enable seamless conversations when communicating across language barriers.

Unlike traditional online translation tools, Palaver enables you to retain your natural flow in translated conversations, so you can build real, long-lasting relationships with those you meet.

With Palaver, you can also enjoy the below features – anytime, anywhere:

  • On demand audio translation – speak into the app, select your language and our voice translator will do the rest – playing your message out loud to those you’re communicating with. They can then speak back into the app, and you can hear their response in your selected primary language.

  • On demand text translation – Palaver’s text translate tool allows you to type and translate accurately and instantly. Simply pop your message into the app, select the language you’d like to translate to and show the resulting message to those you’re communicating with.

  • On demand image translation – simply take a photo of a road sign, map or menu and Palaver will translate it into your primary language – letting you see and read everything going on around you, no matter the language it’s in.

Alongside these on demand features, Palaver also enables you to keep in touch with new connections, through its in-app instant phone call and text message translation features.

Once you and your contact have the app on your phones, you can then add each other as contacts. After this, you can call and text in the app, and we’ll live translate your conversations – you communicate in your primary language, they’ll receive everything in theirs.

Don’t shy away from incredible life experiences because of language barriers.

Travel the world with confidence – using over 30 different languages – with Palaver. Your instant and accurate language translation app.