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Operating your business globally, with seamless conversations

Operating your business globally, with seamless conversations

If your business operates globally, or you’re looking to expand into new markets overseas, you need to be able to communicate effectively across language borders. Whether that’s with employees, clients or new prospects, ensuring your message is conveyed clearly – in whatever language you need to – is key.

Adapting to engage your overseas audience

Around 25% of companies in England and Wales have reportedly lost business due to language or cultural differences, so being able to adapt your message to suit your audience is key for the success of long-term business expansion plans.

Often, we’re most comfortable when we’re communicating in our primary language. In a business context, that means we’re often more open to ideas and more engaged with conversations.

If we’re talking about employees, being able to communicate with them in their primary language is important to show how you accept their culture, value their input and want to make them feel comfortable. For prospects, speaking in their native language enables them to feel more relaxed and open to opportunities, increasing your chances of success. The same goes for your written communication. A recent study surveying over 8,000 consumers in 29 different countries found that 40% of consumers will not make a purchase from a website that is not available in their native tongue.

If you don’t speak your employees’, customers’ or prospects’ primary language fluently, or express it fluently in your written communications, it can stunt conversations and make communication more challenging.

Going beyond traditional ways to translate…

There is a growing need for translation services. In fact, the translation sector has frequently been described as ‘recession-proof’ – a bold assertion, but one that makes sense given how essential languages are to corporate success in a world that is becoming more and more connected.

However, it’s important to remember that translating your message from one language to another is considerably more than word-for-word substitution.

Traditional online translation tools, although sometimes helpful for smaller, single-word translation, often struggle to replicate the natural flow of communication and retain the originally intended meaning behind your message. Third-party translators, although often incredibly accurate, can be costly for your business, limit your ability to build independent relationships, and often only give you access to one or two additional languages fluently.

You need a solution that translates your message, in real-time, whether it’s written or spoken, to ensure seamless conversations between you, your employees, prospects and customers.

Real-time, accurate, seamless translation

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Palaver is a free to download language translation app, offering an entirely new solution to business translation needs, with:

  • Instant phone call translation – so you can pick up the phone and communicate verbally, in real-time with your employees, prospects and customers. Once you both have the app installed, you can dial and speak in your primary language, they’ll hear every word in theirs, ensuring seamless conversations that help you to build independent relationships.
  • Text message translation – communicate written messages or briefs with ease, at any time. Simply type in your preferred language, and they’ll receive the message in theirs, preventing miscommunication and ensuring seamless interactions.

Palaver is your free to download, instant language translation tool. Overcome language barriers and unlock new business opportunities, choosing from over 30 languages to strengthen overseas relationships and expand your business globally.