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Building relationships while travelling by breaking down language barriers

We outline some of the important points to consider when attempting to break down language barriers and building relationships while travelling.

We’re faced with an intriguing conundrum – in a time when more and more young people are getting the travel ‘itch’ – how can we build strong relationships while traveling the world?:

  • When we don’t speak the same language, how can we communicate with others around the globe?

  • How do we establish deep connections with others who express themselves differently to us?

  • How do we get our message across clearly?

Here, we outline some important points to consider when attempting to build relationships with others who do not speak the same language as you.

The importance of communication when developing relationships

Communication is essential to forming relationships – whether it’s with friends, partners or family members. However, this can be tricky when those around you speak another language.

If you’re communicating with someone who has a primary language different to your own, finding the common ground necessary to form a strong relationship is often challenging. However, sometimes, just a few simple changes to your demeanour can improve communication significantly.

Acts such as slowing down your talking pace or using simpler words can help to bridge the communication gap, strengthening your ability to understand one another.

Exploring different cultures

Exploring and understanding different cultures while travelling is also key to strengthening communication and building relationships across language borders.

Spend some time investigating local foods and traditions and learning key phrases in the primary spoken language of the country you’re visiting. By gaining a deeper understanding of those around you, it will make it easier to build shared references and relationships.

This can also help to build your personal life experiences, helping you to grow as a person.

Translating conversations

Ultimately, being able to understand those around you perfectly is the end goal. You want a seamless conversation, that isn’t stunted by having to reference traditional online translation tools or relying on a third party to help.

You want to understand those around you, and you want them to be able to understand you.

At Palaver, we’re aware of the challenges associated with building relationships with people who speak different languages to you. When you’re travelling, this can feel even more daunting, as you rely on communication to fully experience and immerse yourself in the world you’re exploring.

You need a solution that enables seamless communication and a natural conversation flow, across language borders, so you can build relationships, no matter where you are in the world.

Overcoming language barriers, with a new solution

Palaver is a new, innovative language translation solution – available via a free to download app – which helps you to overcome language barriers and communicate with confidence across the globe:

  • You can simply speak into the app in your chosen primary language, and have it play back to the person you’re communicating with in their primary language. This on demand speech translation enables you to converse with those around you.

  • The instant voice translation feature can also be used on phone call conversations enabling you to have a natural conversation with someone in a different language regardless of their location to you. As long as both phones have the app installed you can be on opposites sides of the world!

  • Palaver’s instant text translation feature makes it simple to stay in touch if you’ve made new friends while travelling. Simply input your message, and we’ll translate it before it reaches them to streamline communication.

  • Using Palaver’s instant image translation when travelling overseas, you can quickly translate menus, signs and tour guides into your mother tongue. The same tool allows you to instantly translate lectures or textbooks if you’re studying abroad.

Palaver is your portable language translation tool – helping you to break down language barriers and communicate seamlessly, wherever you are in the world, regardless of the language you’re using.

With over 30 different languages to choose from, let Palaver guide you – so you can build and maintain relationships with ease, without language barriers holding you back.