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Building professional relationships all over the globe

The importance of language translation for your business and Building professional relationships all over the globe

As a general rule of thumb, we’re more relaxed and confident when speaking in our mother tongue. When it comes to business, that generally means, if we’re communicating in our primary language, we’re more engaged, open to new ideas and receptive to opportunities.

If you’ve employees around the globe, with different primary languages, it’s critical you’re able to speak with them in their mother tongue, as it puts them at ease and demonstrates how you respect and value their culture.

For clients or prospects, if you’re able to communicate in their primary language, whether verbally or through your written content, for example, it can increase conversion rates by 70% on average.

But if you’ve a multitude of stakeholders, who speak a broad range of languages, how can you keep pace and communicate with each of them seamlessly to build strong professional relationships?

The importance of language translation for your business

The demand for translation services is rising. In fact, the translation industry has frequently been referred to as ‘recession-proof’ – a bold claim, although one that makes sense given how crucial languages are to business success in a globally interconnected society.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that translating your message involves far more than just word-for-word substitution. To retain meaning and build real relationships, you also need to retain natural conversational flow.

Although they can be beneficial for smaller, single-word translations, traditional, free-to-use internet translation tools can struggle to recreate the natural flow of conversation and retain the original, intended meaning behind your words.

An alternative, which is commonly used in business for precision and flow is third party translators. However, these come at a cost – and if you need multiple languages, you’ll often need multiple translators. They can also restrict your ability to form independent relationships and personal connections with those you’re interacting with.

So, how can your business ‘speak’ many different languages – at no cost – to build stronger, more meaningful, independent relationships?

Palaver – a simple, yet effective, language translation tool

Almost sounds too good to be true, don’t you think?

An innovative, new approach to meeting business translation demands, Palaver is a free to download language translation app that offers:

  • On demand voice translation – so you can speak into the app in your primary language, and have those in a meeting listen back immediately in theirs.

  • Realtime phone call translation – once you’ve made a new connection or to build stronger connections with your team, if you both install the Palaver app, you can make in-app calls to one another. You’ll speak in your chosen language, and they’ll hear every word, as you say it, in theirs.

  • Text message translationsend written messages quickly and easily in the Palaver app, type in your primary language, and we’ll translate it into your contacts’ before they receive it, ensuring clear communication and efficient exchanges.

Palaver is a your personal, instant and accurate language translation tool – which you can download for free from the App Store and Google Play. By choosing from more than 30 languages, you can overcome communication hurdles, seize new business possibilities and grow your company internationally. Don’t let language barriers hold you back!