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Communicate and connect across the globe with real-time, accurate phone call, text and image translation from Palaver – the world’s most advanced language translation app

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Build and maintain new connections across the globe

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Stay connected with your friends, family and colleagues across the globe. No matter where you are, or which language you speak, communicate freely and confidently with Palaver.

Whether you’re communicating via phone, or text message, Palaver can support you with real-time, accurate translation, for over 30 different languages, that replicates a natural conversation flow.

Communication without borders with Palaver language translate technology

Watch how Palaver works to translate phone calls – in real-time – into over 30 different languages.

Instantly translated phone calls

Use Palaver – no need for third-party translators, family chaperones, language phrase books. No miscommunication. Instead, Palaver will live-translate your phone call, so you enjoy your conversation – in whichever language you choose – in real-time.

Stay connected and deepen your relationships with Palaver’s talk translate tool.

Instantly translated text messages

Palaver’s text translation tool lets you do just that – just pick up the app, type and send. We’ll live-translate your message, so it’s received in your contact’s primary language – no matter what language you send it in. No need to copy and paste between different apps, everything’s in the one place for your convenience.

Build close relationships and maintain new connections with Palaver’s text translate tool.

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Instantly translated images

Palaver’s state-of-the-art image translation auto-translates your visual content and images. Immerse yourself in different cultures with confidence. Simply upload or take a fresh image, and we’ll detect and translate the language in the image in to your primary language.

Get peace of mind and build your confidence in different cultures with Palaver’s image translate tool.

Need translations on demand?

The world's most handy pocket translator for when you need it most

As well as instantly translating your phone call and text message conversations, Palaver also translates on demand.  Cool hey?

Simply choose the language you want to translate to or from and Palaver does the rest. Translation on demand is a speech-to-speech, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and text-to-text instant translation resource. You can also improve your understanding of another language* by using this feature on your own or with friends.

* Palaver currently supports 30 languages

translations on demand with the pocket translator from palaver